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Название: Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center
Расположение: Египет, Каир
Адрес: Nasr City
Индекс: Нет информации
Телефон: +202) 22633222
Факс: +202) 22634640

Egypt has long been the focal centre of Africa and the Middle East, but while the capabilities of the facilities available were never in doubt, the proper facilities to conduct the larger conferences had not been available . Preparation began five years ago to ensure that this situation was remedied as soon as possible .

The Cairo International Conference Centre ( CICC ) is the result of those years of tireless planning and careful execution . It is the only comprehensive conference centre in the country, over 30 hectares of it . Of these , 58,000 sq.m. have been given over to conference facilities that are nothing less than state of the art . The Centre is the very latest in conference facilities to ensure that while everything is carried with the greatest possible efficiency, your comfort and convenience have been seen to . To start with, the Centre is a mere ten minute drive from Cairo International Airport, a short drive from any one of several five star hotels and a five minute walk from the Cairo International Exhibition Grounds .

Once you arrive , you might be pleased to know that there is parking space available for 1,200 cars .

The Centre itself is of some note . As you stroll along its immaculately kept interiors you will be able to appreciate so much more than the magnificent architecture . The Centre hired expert artists and art buyers to lovingly collect millions of pounds worth of art, now on display at the Centre . Not all the art displayed at the Centre is Egyptian origin however, there is a substantial amount of art on display that is the gift of Chinese artists, among them a breathtakingly beautiful hand carved wall mural that took over three years to complete, and a magnificent wall painting depicting marriage in Egypt down the ages ,
that took up one and a half years of the lives of a husband and wife team of artists . The art is not the only thing you can view in the Italian marble corridors . Discreetly placed along the walls are large Closed Circuit Television Monitors, linking you to every one of the five halls, to ensure that you are at all times .

The centre is assured that efficiency rests on every possible level . There are fully equipped kitchens and cafeterias ensuring a gourmand's paradise, and your every wish in this field may be accommodated . We are, however, aware that man does not live by bread alone. We have seen to it that the your safety and security have been ensured by installing state of the art fire detection and prevention systems and seeing to it that the most sophisticated and thorough security systems to be found are available . Security is handled on a two sided basis; the In - house Security assures your safety, and the government special branch is always on hand to provide that comforting, specialized extra protection .


Egypt's weather generally invites you to step outside, however, and in this case it is well worth it . The exquisite Chinese Garden must be one of our most cherished facilities . An Oasis of peace and harmony, this beautiful garden is set in the midst of 28 lush acres of land . It is a peaceful haven, a place to slip away to from the stress of business . The winding paths will take you to a beautiful Chinese Pagoda, and if you decide to stroll down the hill, you will come upon the lovely man made lake, home of the two Chinese pavilions, the winter one walled in and the summer one a lovely courtyard . It is a beautiful spot to simply relax, enjoy some light refreshment while watching the colourful woodpeckers and simply relax .
The Catering is something to be savoured . In order to serve you to the utmost of our ability, we entrusted the catering of the Centre to one of the world's foremost catering companies . And to help them to do their best, we took care that the massive fully equipped kitchen the Centre holds is the very latest in the field, and contains everything needed to provide anything for a banquet fit for a king, to the simplest refreshments you might need to carry you through a breakfast meeting . Naturally , all this technology would not be of much use without a highly qualified, dedicated group of people to see to it that things run smoothly . and that is exactly what we do have here . The beautiful Administration Building is a fitting showcase for the talents of our administrative staff . The buildings room offices and tasteful corridors hold some of the brightest and most competent people in the business . This part of the Centre is to be found quietly humming with activity, the purpose of which is to ensure that everything is running smoothly . In fact the Centre, in every way, and in every department, has been designed to look wonderful, and to function even better .


Special Facilities .

We do realise that conference of all types entail more than just meetings . They are a time when a great deal of work has to be completed, sometimes in a very completed, sometimes in a very short time span . And we also know that you complete your workload with as little fuss as possible, we have provided a quietly efficient and competent secretarial pool . There is no need for you to leave your office behind just because you're thousands of miles away from home .The Centre also has mobile in terpretation units and three large rooms or boardrooms each with a capacity of 50 persons for the smaller meetings or receptions or even just for a display area .

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